Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dark Elf Trilogy - oldie but goodie

I need to get back up to speed on our reviews, but I also dont want to bore our readers (and myself)  by giving a review of each book in a trilogy that im reading back to back. To help alleviate the problem I read through the entire trilogy and will do one review. The Dark Elf Trilogy was written by R. A. Salvatore. I'm not sure when I picked this series up, but it's one of my first Fantasy novels. You can purchase it as a singular book as the previous link will direct you to, or purchase them separately. I have them from years and years ago and ,while I would love to have a nice, new book, they'll do this way.

The Dark Elf Trilogy Gift Set (Homeland + Exile + Sojourn)The Dark Elf Trilogy Gift Set (Homeland + Exile + Sojourn) - This is probably the best way to pick up the origins story for one of my first fantasy trilogies. The story follows a dark elf by the name of Drizzt. You learn that he is far from a normal dark elf. His race is a malicious group that is really about killing just about anything and everything that gets in their way, including other dark elves. Salvatore takes you from Drizzt's birth to his escape from the oppression of the dark elf life.

R.A. Salvatore writes a good piece of fantasy, but isn't what I would say as one of the great Epic writers. He certainly has a huge number of books based on Drizzt, but they don't have the same cohesiveness that you would expect from Glen Cook or Robert Jordan. That's not to say that they aren't worth reading, but they are the type that you can pick up, read in a couple days, and move on to the next group. I always liked that I could get through about 9 or 10 of his books before getting bored and having to move on to something else. I'm also inclined to wonder if a conclusion will ever be had. I've seen Cook's story end(although I think that he's releasing another Black Company novel) and we're two more novels away from the conclusion of the Wheel of Time. As readers, do we expect to have a real ending? maybe... maybe not....

Rating: 6 CBs... 300 pages is easy to read through.