Monday, September 12, 2011

Anniversay Book Hoarding

We celebrated our 7th anniversay this weekend (yes, we got married on 9/11 and are happy to celebrate something wonderful while recognizing a horrendous event also occurred on that day).  And on our way to our date night dinner, we strolled through the latest casualty of the economic downturn/fascination with reading words on a screen instead of on a page: Borders. 

Let me just say this:  we are supposed to be on a book buying ban, until we can get through some of the hundreds (literally hundreds) we need to read.  BUT, we struggle with book lust just like the rest of the book blogging community.  Thus, here are our latest purchases/future (although likely distant future) reads:

We got all these, plus The Book of Basketball for $30.00!  Not bad.

But we promise, really, we are on a book buying hiatus, really.  

Any good reads/buys for your ever growing pile?