Sunday, January 10, 2010

Robert Jordan: The Fires of Heaven

With the new Robert Jordan(written by Brian Sanderson) book just released late last year, I felt it was time to catch up with series. When I started reading Jordan's novels he had just released the fourth novel. I had gone book shopping with Mom and the cover of The Shadow Rising caught my eye and I asked about purchasing the book. Being the smart one in the family, Mom said that it might be smart to start with the first of the series rather than getting lost in the middle. Fast forward to today and about every two releases I go back and re-read the entire series to catch back up. My friend Daniel does the same thing.

Last year, I started the series again around November so I could get my mind back around Jordan's excellent epic. The Fires of Heaven is book five of an anticipated fourteen book series. Sanderson just co-wrote book twelve. It's good to know an end is in sight. Jordan is a master of leaving no detail to the imagination, yet allows the user to still use theirs. In book five, he hasn't gotten too tedious. Things are still happening full force while Jordan continues to add more and more depth. The characters are fleshed out more.... more characters are being added... more plot lines being introduced. If you've read Jordan you'll know that it's a common thing to add threads to what becomes an immensely large pattern. It's great at the beginning, tough near the middle, but becomes intense near the end of the series.

I would recommend the book to anyone that enjoyed J.R.R. Tolkien. Personally, Jordan weaves a more enjoyable, less tedious story in general than Tolkien did. You'll see a few of these throughout the year as I finish the series up to the point the next book comes out.

If you wish to read more about the author you can go to: - He passed away in 2007, but passed the mantle to a new author.


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