Saturday, June 26, 2010

beware the ides of stump

Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time)I just finished my last Robert Jordan novel. I'll keep this short since we're we've had six Jordan specific reviews this year. Or maybe seven; can't remember. But, Knife of Dreams was well worth the send off for one of the great fantasy writers of the last few decades. He didn't get to finish his magnum opus, but left enough notes, chapters, segments, and information to pass the torch to an author that appears to be well enough to be his successor. I'm looking forward to starting the *new* book in The Wheel of Time series, but I'm also a little sad that we've seen the end of Jordan. Thankfully, we have eleven novels and 7000+ pages to always go back to.

With that said, I just have a couple observations, personal or not, for Jordan readers and non-readers:

1. Power through - Get past the first forty pages of book one and you'll enjoy the series into book five or six. Get past books seven through nine, perhaps part of ten, and you'll find that it was worthwhile. Book Eleven made it special. You can actually feel a culmination of story as things come down to the finale.
2. Be excited - only three more books to go!
3. Be proud - this isn't a small task to undertake. Tolkien was 4 novels(possibly 5 movies). You have 11 going on 14 novels with Jordan.
4. Personal - I can't get behind a man with a stump. <- I'm a little unnerved at the plot turn.

Edit: My wife believes that I should have written more about the stump - or handless protagonist - that now wedges its nub comfortably in the WoT storyline. I find that it's one of those plot choices that comes up a little short. Especially, when Balefire can be the best way to cure recently created wounds and death(read the story). Anyhow, while I would give an arm and a leg to hand stumpy his appendage back, I'm sure that it serves a purpose.

Rating: 9 CBs - You'll want to read the last two hundred pages in one sitting. You don't want to sleep during the first 300 and the last 200. It's a great read and made the tedium seem a fleeting moment.


"The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend"

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