Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Nightstand

Here at Our Year in Books, most of our reading is done before bed, whilst laying (in various positions) in bed.  I was cleaning our bedroom earlier today and got an idea about a post.  The title is a dead giveaway, isn't it?  Here's what's currently on the nightstands:

-D: (the nook isn't present, but can be considered)
3 issues of Maximum PC (one current)
Saki: Complete and Unabridged
Mental Floss presents: In the Beginning (A Mouthwatering Guide to the Origins of Everything)
The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (we started reading this together approx. 1-2 years ago) by C.S. Lewis
Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan (it's downstairs, but only because I carried it from the nightstand)

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
American Creation by Joseph Ellis
Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks

Lots of great reads.  We aren't reading the majority of them.  This is an exercise, in part, to make us change it by the next time we post. What's on your nightstand?  Which book are you most excited to read? And where do you do most of your reading?


  1. LEAH! FINISH GRAPES OF WRATH ohmyS-- it's so amazing.

  2. Hi, I found you one the hop. I am doing a beach bag giveaway package on my book blog site too. I hope you hop by and check it out and enter.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  3. Hey Leah - thanks for stopping by - your reads look good but your mexican recipes look AMAZING!
    Have a great weekend, Lyndsey

  4. on my night stand, The House of Tomorrow.
    IN my night stand, The complete journals of sylvia plath, Ariel, a book about the women's movement.

    Most excited to read, The Hand that First Held Mine.

    I do most of my reading at work, I listen to audio books, so the night stand books are gathering dust. It's embarrassing.

  5. Jane - I will get right on that, as soon as I finish Let the Great World Spin (not enjoying it as much as I thought I would)

    tea - thanks for the compliments we have been on a Mexican food kick lately.

    Kita (can I call you that?) - I will have to check into the Hand that First Held Mine. I hate that most of the books on our nightstand have been there for a while too!