Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Reasons Why Dragon Never Sleeps is a book.

1. Title - The Dragon Never Sleeps is a title of a collection of pages about the same topic. Books have titles so it must be a book. Oddly enough, you see the title and you might think that this is another fantasy novel, but it's actually Sci-Fi! Once you see the cover you'll get a better idea of what the dragon supposedly is. I'm not normally one for reading Sci-Fi novels. I like to stick to playing video games about space or watching movies about aliens. But, while a little out of the box, it was a refreshing story based on a similar concept.
2. Author - Glen Cook is an author, and since he wrote this then one would believe that it's a book. Author's write books! He also did a good job in using the aforementioned title for this book. I've already read the Black Company by Cook and found it more than enjoyable. This single novel still feels like Glen Cook even though the story and imagery are far removed from the fantasy aspect of the Black Company novels. It's not the novel I would recommend if you were going to try Glen out. It's unique.

3. Words - Authors write..... you get a collection of words about the same topic and you'll potentially end up with a book. Maybe an article, poem, or some other wierd thing, but this is a book and we're going to stick to that. Glen Cook did a good job on keeping the book engaging, but it also felt very disjointed. There is so much happening throughout the 250 pages that it's tough to feel the actual scope. Maybe that's what he was going for, but in such a small book years can sometimes get lost. Especially in the epic space battles, world jumping, and character development. 

So there you have it - my 3 reasons why this book was a book. Leah noticed that it appears that doing lists is the popular thing to do on a blogs. So being the most popular person on earth, I just had to try it out. =\ I doubt that you'll ever see me do another list like this. It's not very engaging(but are any of my posts?) and isn't that enlightening either. But, if you don't get the joke, or anything else just take away that Glen Cook is best enjoyed in the Black Company series and not the Dragon Never Sleeps. It's good, but confusing.

R - 6 out of 10. It would make a great movie trilogy with a little more meat added. It's definitely worth reading if you're a Glen Cook fan. Take your time re-reading certain areas that don't make enough sense. Be thankful that we don't have space travel on this type of scale.


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  1. you are so funny I don't read sci-fi but enjoy reading you