Monday, May 3, 2010

Assouline: A Book Haven

A couple of weekends ago, we made a trip to Las Vegas for a little fun.  Little did we know, we would stumble upon one of the most amazing bookstores EVER.  We could have spent hours there. 
The store: Assouline.  It appears to be a coffee table book specialist that dabbles in rare books.  The staff was really helpful and allowed us to take pictures.  They also told us this is their flagship store in the U.S.  They also handed us a copy of their latest catalogue.  It seems (listen up Francophiles) they are a French book store with most locations in Paris.  We found a unique spot right in the heart of Sin City - imagine that.  To visit and enjoy for yourselves, go to the City Center in Vegas and check out Crystals shopping center/museum. 
We have had a request to post a picture of our library.  We may just put up one of the pictures from Assouline and pretend it is our library.  After all, it is that lovely!
For your visual enjoyment:
(ridiculously priced old book)

the carpet (must find, must own someday)

this is the dream


  1. 3rd picture is just a bit smaller than the one we have at our house..... It would be great to have something that size, and someday we might have enough books to accommodate(justify) those. Heck, we currently have too many books for our awesome bookshelves. Where do we find room for the 18k book, or even just our paperbacks?

    note: We do not have the 18k book.

  2. PS if anyone is looking for that carpet, it is available by special order through Assouline, just email

    enjoy and THANKS for the AWESOME post. We also have stores in New York and Los Angeles, check out our website

  3. Ah, the French really know how to make a swank bookstore! Great pictures and now, of course, I'm off to check out their website.

  4. Me too! LOVE it!!! I will take pics if we go to the one in LA!