Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picking the next book -

Hey Folks,

It isn't always easy to find the next book to read. I've been hung up on epics lately, and I think that it's slowed me down a bit. Leah's taken over the lead.... not that it's a contest or anything. =P I typically read about three books at a time until I figure out what's worth most of my time. It's been a tough grouping the last couple days. Here are my options, and I think the one I'm going to finish for my next review.

1. The Stand: Expanded Edition: For the First Time Complete and Uncut (Signet) - The book is good, but it's also long! I'm about 10% at this point and I just don't see it happening in a week. I can definitely tell Stephen King novels now.

2. The Dragon Factory - I am not sure I'm going to finish this one. I'm about 30 pages in and it's not my kind of book. I'll try to power through to 100 pages. If it gets better then great, but if it isn't maybe I can continue to push myself. It's a bit like 24 w/ Casablanca acting.

3. Metro 2033 - I'll probably settle on this Glukhovsky novel. I learned about it after I saw a review for the video game based on the novel. Game looks decent, but have to read the book first.

4. Shadows of Doom (Iron Tower Trilogy) - Small book.... Second book in the series that I would like to finish. Not too far yet. I really want to finish the stand, but 1000 pages can take a while.



  1. Hi, There!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for 'The Hop' - I was glad to read your comment, and would love to have you as a new reader. :)

    My vote would have to go to The Stand. I'm a S. King fan in general, but this is one of his books I haven't yet managed to read (probably because it's so outrageously long). I loved the movie, though, and I hear the book is brilliant. Maybe your review could convince me to finally pick up a copy and commit!

  2. Howdy Roof Beam - (is OK that I think Moon Beam?),

    I sorta settled on Metro 2033 just to attempt to read a short book to be filler. It's turned into something a little more tedious. =\ I'll definitely start working on The Stand and let you know. I've been incredibly happy with the Dark Tower series. If you haven't read those, pick 'em up! I have a couple reviews up as well.