Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Six Degrees of Tim Burton

My wife decided to share a hilarious video of Tim Burton(or is it... I can't tell!!) over on our other shared blog. If you want to catch it go over at The Reliquiarium. I recommend clicking the link since I went with one of the hardest words to spell that no one truly knows! Yay for Latin! We'll also put a couple buttons up for our other blogs - The Reli and SeldomMade so it's easier to run over there if you're interested in other happenings in our household.

Back to what I really wanted to talk about, Tim Burton was posted on our blog. It reminded me that Tim Burton published a book that I had really been desiring for a while. At the time, we weren't doing a blog and didn't think to tell the earth about a cornucopia of Burton greatness.

If you haven't seen any of Tim Burton's movies then you are missing out on some of the best quirky Gothic stuff out there. Let me recommend a few of my favourites:

1. Batman
2. Batman Returns
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. Beetlejuice
6. Mars Attacks!
7. Corpse Bride
8. Big Fish
9. Coraline

You can miss out on:

1. Sweeney Todd
2. Planet of the Apes

I can say that he does have a specific look to about 90% of his films. That was one of the sore parts of Planet of the Apes. Not only was the story awful, but the look of the film didn't look like anything Tim Burton would do. But, the book takes you back to what makes Tim Burton so interesting. His art reminds me of what I would expect The Cure to sing about. In the picture below, you'd have a tough time figuring out if that's Burton or Robert Smith on the sleeve. It's Gothic, but you haven't lost any of the fun or whimsy of it.

I do have to say I would love to have this book. It's not on our shelves yet, and I'm not sure if it's worth holding out to magically have $300.00 to spend on the signed version. Go check it out at Steeles Publishing and see what you think. It's a cool conversation book.


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